Lil’ Wayne is Now Officially the Opposite of Beethoven

    At least when it comes to their fans’ SAT scores, Lil’ Wayne and Beethoven are officially at opposite ends of the scale.


    Virgil Griffith, a supernerd with a great head of hair whose work has appeared on The Colbert Report and whose self-reported life goal is "to create a machine who feels," has just released a study correlating favorite bands at different schools, as listed on Facebook, and the average SAT scores at those schools. Beethoven’s far out in front with a 1346-1396 range, and Weezy brings up the rear with an 856-896.


    Some of the results were unsurprising — Dave Matthews Band, for example, falls smack-dab in the middle of the group, with a range of about 1050-1080. But Guster beats out Johnny Cash by a solid 150 points, which just doesn’t seem right.


    [The Grip via TMZ]