Lil B Releases 34-Track “100% Gutta” Mixtape

    As always, f*ck the haters. Lil B hasn’t DatPiffed a mixtape for an unhealthily long period of time- nearly two months. For those of us who can’t help but follow Brandon McCartney’s excessive Internet movements closely, I was worried that something horrible had happened to my old friend, or that he’d lost his drive.

    But thankfully it seems the BasedGod was just hard at work on another epic effort, one that surpasses the magnitude of previous 2013 offerings Pink Flame and P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug). Plenty of videos for songs off the tape have surfaced over the course of the past month, but now the full tape 100% Gutta is available for free download. It features 34 tracks and a wide swath of genre experiments (with a healthy dose of  drill influence). It also concludes with a very #rare and soulful official Based freestyle.

    Below is a link to the tape, as well as my favorite 100% Gutta video, for a very positive track called “Life’s Hard,” in which Brandon reveals a possible Eric B & Rakim influence and hangs out with a fun guy in a Raiders hat. Only you can decide if, as Lil B claims, 100% Gutta is better than Yeezus. But hopefully many of us can agree that ‘Ye should have given the Based God credit for lifting from one of the greatest songs of his career.