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Lars Ulrich Says Criticism Of ‘Lulu’ Was “Difficult” For Lou Reed


Now that Lou Reed and Metallica’s Lulu has roundly (and probably rightly?) been considered 2011’s biggest flop, it’s time for a post-mortem. According to a recent interview with Lars Ulrich on a US radio station (DC101), Lou Reed took the criticism of the album hard, because apparently Lou Reed is a very delicate flower:

It was difficult for Lou Reed because he takes everything very personally. And I think he was very surprised. We told him all along: ‘Listen, there are some very, very, very hardcore metal fans out there that like everything pre-packaged in a particular little box that looks like this, and the minute that you slightly veer outside of that, then they have a hernia.’ And that’s fine – I’m fine with that…

Lars goes on to say some stuff about the Internet (basically, he hates it because it says mean things about him), which you can read over at NME. Part of me really doubts that Lou Reed is telling Lars how he feels. But maybe that’s a thing that happened? Just like with Lulu the album, none of this seems real.