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Lana Del Rey Says She Won’t Make Another Album


I think I represent the entire music community when I say I am tired of talking about Lana Del Rey, and in a recent interview it seems like Ms. Grant is tired of talking about herself as well.

“I don’t think I’ll write another record,” she told Vogue. “What would I say? I feel like everything I wanted to say, I’ve said already.”

If such a claim holds up, it means the lasting document of Del Rey’s brief moment in the sunshine will remain Born To Die, and songs like “Off to the Races.” The record was met with a near-universal tepid reaction when it arrived earlier in the year.

Del Rey went on to say that the record was inspired by a very specific breakup, which is strange when you consider she just said she didn’t have anything more to “say.” Regardless, she also just debuted at the top of the UK charts, if this truly is the end of the Del Rey cycle, it certainly was a profitable ride. [FACT]

Also, in before “SHE DIDN”T WRITE THE FIRST RECORD LOL” jokes.