Lady Gaga Reaches 20 Million Twitter Followers

    If there was any doubt about Lady Gaga’s ability to utilize social networking tools to help increase her popularity, then these latest Twitter stats should prove otherwise. The singer has become the first person to reach 20 million followers on the service, a new milestone that follows her record of becoming the first person to reach 10 million followers back in May 2011.

    Music is a dominant force on Twitter, with Justin Bieber (18.1m), Katy Perry (15.75m) and Rihanna (14.49m) all joining Gaga in the top five. These figures all come from a report in the U.K. newspaper the Telegraph, which points out that Barack Obama has some way to go before reaching the heady heights of Gaga and co.—Obama currently has around 12.8m followers, putting him in eighth position.

    It’s not all bad news for Obama, though. He at least has more followers than Aziz Ansari, and he even reminded the comedian of that fact in a recent speech (see video below).