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L.A. Today: Holy Shit/Veer Right Young Pastor


Holy Shit/Veer Right Young Pastor @ The Scene, 3/1

Indie cult hero Ariel Pink has teamed up with Echo Park melody man Matt Fishbeck to found Holy Shit (not to be confused with Canadian experimantalists Holy Fuck), a kind of musical collective that’s part hippie and part hipster. Holy Shit’s recordings have some of the lo-fi, warped-old-radio quality of Pink’s oeuvre along with catchy, smartly-crafted melodies and Fishbeck’s British-80s-rock-inspired vocals. For live performances, the duo often calls upon fellow musician friends. Past members have included alums of The Bubonic Plague, The Warlocks, and Ariel Pink’s own Haunted Graffiti. The result is a sort of stoner-friendly hippie jam session, emboldened by raw energy and Fishbeck’s undeniably powerful stage presence. Opening for Holy Shit is Veer Right Young Pastor, a quartet out of Long Beach that plays effects-heavy rock peppered with wailing, Geddy Lee-esque vocals. The result is music that’s unique, haunting, and actually pretty good. (RC)
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