Kyle Bobby Dunn Shares Blissful “Spem in Alium & Her Unable” Video

    Montreal-based sound architect Kyle Bobby Dunn has shared a video for the track “Spem in Alium & Her Unable” off his upcoming triple LP / two CD release Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness.

    The video, directed by Joey Bania and starring Singapore-based actress Jun Koh, begins with Koh droning along through mundane office work before putting on headphones to discover the music of Kyle Bobby Dunn. She’s put into an ecststic dreamscape, everything as it always was but exalted and beautiful.

    The Infinite Sadness was slated to be released in April, but has been pushed back to a June 10 release via Students of Decay and is available for pre-order now.

    Watch the video below or head over here to hear a non-album track titled “Entr’acte de Time Baby Infini.”