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Kool & The Gang Surprised They’re Opening For Van Halen


You probably heard that Van Halen’s doing the whole reunion thing this year with a new album and a pretty gigantic tour of North America. Well, what you might not have heard was that their opener is an act most of us wouldn’t have expected. And according to members of the band themselves, they weren’t expecting either.

Yet, Kool and the Gang co-founder Robert “Kool” Bell is confident that the pairing will be able to do well on the road together. He told Billboard that they had hits in the 1980s just like Van Halen did and their similarities apparently don’t end there:

“They’ve been kind of like a party band on the rock side, with their audience, and their audience is 60 percent female and we have songs like ‘Ladies’ Night’ and ‘Celebration’… and our audience is at least 80 percent a pop audience. Most of the time we have a crowd that’s 80 percent white.”

So if you’re white, female, and like party bands with a rock edge, you’re probably going to this. Right? If so, expect 50 minutes worth of Kool and the Gang before David Lee Roth and company take the stage.