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Celebrate the holidays with Kill Rock Stars


Those of you wanting to add a little cred to your Christmas cheer this year aren’t going to be left out in the cold if Sufjan isn’t your thing. Starting today, you can purchase The Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album at various digital retailers. The compilation is full of holiday-themed tracks from the likes of Excepter, The Paper Chase and Imaad Wasif among others.
If digital music isn’t your thing though, don’t fret. The good people at Kill Rock Stars will be sending out CD-R copies with purchases of $50 or more at their online shop for a limited time. Just make the request in the comments field. You can find the tracklist after the jump.[more:]01 Imaad Wasif: “The New Year”
02 Gold Chains & Jillian Iva: “Winter Kills”
03 The Robot Ate Me: “Wonderland”
04 The Mary Timony Band: “Hapi Holidaze”
05 Beth Ditto: “Every Day Is Christmas With You”
06 Phranc: “Hannukah Snowman”
07 Thao Nguyen: “Young Man”
08 Excepter: “Little Drummer Boy”
09 The Everyothers: “2000 Miles”
10 The Paper Chase: “The War Is Over”
11 Sport Murphy: “In-Between Carols”
12 Slumber Party: “J.C. Is Born”
13 Octis: “Chrissthym

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