Justin Bieber, Who Is Not Black, Nominated For BET Award

    There is a mega-huge controversy* a-brewing on the net about Justin Bieber being nominated for Best New Artist at the BET Awards. That’s “controversial” because Justin Bieber is Canadian (!), and not black (just look at that photo. Dude is so white bread, he probably shits crutons). Apparently some people feel like Justin Bieber should maybe not be nominated for awards that have traditionally gone to emerging black artists who usually don’t suck. That’s okay I guess. My problem is is that this is like Google Trend-ing for awards shows. The organizers of the show knew that the Bieber announcement would get blog posts just like this one (I’m part of this machine now), and maybe people would actually give two shits about the damn BET awards. Consider this a win, people behind the Mo’Nique show. You’ve won, yet again.   


    *- An by mega-huge, I mean not as huge as the fact that there are actually important things happening today. Like war.