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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know What German Means, Worries Educators


If you were anywhere near Chicago yesterday, the news that young R&B phenom Justin Bieber was in town to sing that National Anthem at the White Sox game was inescapable. WGN Chicago said it best when they declared a wave of “Bieber Fever” sweeping the city. Bieber, still 16 for those keeping track, was in town to film and episode of Oprah on Tuesday before he spread his contagious influenza of cuteness throughout the rest of the country.


Man, the kid’s really lucky, you know? He’s able to attend sporting events on school days and chat it up with America’s richest and most popular talk show host, let alone being the acne-free face of his genration. The only issue is, as seen in this video, that Bieber doesn’t know what Germany is. Well, maybe he does, but he has no idea what then a “German” could be.



“Maybe not knowing what Germany is isn’t so bad,” you might think to yourself. “I mean, do you really have to know what Germany is to live a normal life?” Well, to answer your question, I cite these pieces of evidence:


A. Bieber is a German name.

B. Justin Bieber has been to Germany before.

C. In the past century, Germany is probably the country that affected America more than any other.

D.Yes, Bieber’s Canadian, not German, but in the video he tells the interviewer that “We don’t say [German] in America.”

No, he’s not the sharpest crayon in the box, but he likes basketball. This is all that matters.