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Julian Casablancas Lashes Out at his Record Label


Julian Casablancas’ live shows in Los Angeles marked the start of what was set to be an elaborate tour. Costume changes and complex stage sets were all part of the performance during his four-night run in L.A., but the singer has subsequently scaled down the ambitious plans to promote his Phrazes for the Young album.


“[RCA] are not the label I signed with,” the singer said in an interview with New York magazine. “The people change all the time. They’re nice, they’re cool, but honestly they don’t do shit … I still like the plan, but it was executed terribly.” Casablancas’ album was released on his own label in a deal he struck with RCA.


“You have all these dreams,” he said of the live shows. “It was a constant struggle with the venue, managers, lighting guys, video people,” he said. “I went broke doing it … In the end, it wasn’t a positive experience for me at all.” In brighter news, Casablancas also claimed that a new Strokes album is “coming,” but didn’t specify when it would be available.


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