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Jonny Greenwood expresses his love for Grizzly Bear


Radiohead is pretty good at picking interesting acts to open for them on tour. Liars became their tourmates earlier this year, and Grizzly Bear has been opening for them on the band’s recent North American tour. And Jonny Greenwood really, really likes them. It takes a lot for the reticent guitarist to approach the mic at a Radiohead show, but Greenwood praised Grizzly Bear from the stage at Friday’s final stop on the tour in Toronto.

"Thom wants me to thank my favorite band in the world, Grizzly Bear,” said Greenwood. “So thanks a lot, thank you very much for touring with us." New music website the Quietus caught up with Grizzly Bear frontman Ed Droste to ask him how he felt about this unexpected outburst. “I was pretty shocked honestly,” said Droste. “I was standing in the crowd with Leslie [Feist] and Owen [Pallett] and they turned to me and were like ‘did you FUCKING HEAR THAT?!?’’”

Droste also claims that the third Grizzly Bear record, the follow-up to the much loved Yellow House, is half finished. “I think it’s going to be a nice progression forward but still very much us,” said Droste. [The Quietus]