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Jay-Z and Beyonce Attend Grizzly Bear Show in Brooklyn


A love-in between Solange Knowles and Grizzly Bear members Ed Droste and Chris Bear has been developing on Twitter in recent times. And Solange clearly holds some influence over her famous sibling, as she brought Beyonce and Jay-Z to see Grizzly Bear play on the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon (Aug 30).


Chaos ensued as the couple turned up at the show, and they outshined the appearance of New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who paraded around the park behind someone holding a sign saying ‘Meet Chuck Schumer.’ With P. Diddy showing up in an Arctic Monkeys mosh pit recently, it can only be a question of time before some serious indie-rap musical collaborations are on the cards


The surreal events were capped by an impressive set from Grizzly Bear, who played to around 6,000 people, with plenty of others unable to gain entrance left outside. Victroia Legrand from opening act Beach House joined Grizzly Bear for one song, although anyone who spied Beyonce or Jay-Z were probably anticipating something else altogether when Droste said: ‘We’d like to welcome a very special guest on stage.”