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Jay Electronica Shares Encouraging New Song “Letter to Falon” — Listen

Jay Electronica Shares Encouraging New Song “Letter to Falon” — Listen

Late last night, Jay Electronica shared a surprise new song, “Letter to Falon.” In a series of tweets, he wrote that he was inspired by Kevin Durant’s performance in the NBA Finals and a conversation with Durant’s father who encouraged him to release music. Tagging Durant, he then tweeted, “here’s a gift for you brother,” with the streaming link to “Letter to Falon.”



“I walked across the water / I came by myself / I climbed the highest mountain,” sings Electronica through a gritty AutoTune’d filter. A minimal piano melody eerily plucks in staccato rhythms, as busy claps and frequency-shifting hi-hats pulse. Produced by Bullitts, Paul Epworth (Adele, U2, Paul McCartney), and Electronica himself, the soundscape is dark and dreary, but rhythmic enough to bump and nod along to. Electronica stays focused on themes of encouragement throughout the song, rapping, “Keep shining / Nobody could stop your progress / Because unknown forces move some known objects / That’s magic.” On Twitter, he wrote that the song is “dedicated to all who are pushing forward through adversity, hard trials and hate from the naysayers.” The song also has a Star Wars reference in the first first with the line, “I was born on Tatooine with dreams of sand.” For those unfamiliar, Tatooine is the planet that Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) was born on.

Electronica also shared a link to download the track for free; however, the file has been deleted. Fans have been waiting patiently for Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) to drop, but very few signs point to it actually happening. Electronica has become a elusive figure in hip-hop who has no problem working on his own terms, even if it frustrates the music industry machine.

The song is currently a Tidal exclusive, but it has been made available to stream for non-members. Listen to “Letter To Falon” here.