Jarvis Cocker not into “Britpop”

    Head on over to the Tripwire, where there”’s an interesting Q&A with Jarvis Cocker. Throughout the course of the piece, Cocker talks about the usual topics (where he”’s been in his career, where he”’s going) but his take on the so-called Britpop revival of late is especially interesting:

    ””Britpop as a thing to be revived seems kinda weird because in a way a lot of what Britpop is about, and I hated that term and never considered Pulp to be a part of that, but a lot of it was a rehash anyway. Harking back to a golden age of British pop from the ’60s. I actually don’t think that much interesting music came out of Britpop really, maybe other people would disagree with me.””

    Also, just to set the record straight, there likely won”’t be a Pulp reunion anytime soon.

    ””Hell would have to freeze over first! No, I don’t know. The members of the group are all in touch with each other and all friendly, there have been no deaths that I know of. So there is no barrier other than the fact that at the moment I can’t really see a point. If it was to seem like the right thing to do then there’s no reason why not, but I am certainly not planning it at the moment.””

    Click the link above to read the rest of the interview.