James Murphy Says New LCD Soundsystem Album Will Be His Last

    In an interview with the BBC, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem told Zane Lowe, that yes, the upcoming third LCD Soundsystem album, will be his last under the LCD Soundsystem banner:


    Zane Lowe: Can we clear something up James, There’s been all this talk of late that this might be the last LCD Soundsystem album, what’s the story about this?


    James Murphy: I think it is, and l I feel good about it and really positive about it, it’s not like a negative thing. I think that its nice to feel like it’s the last one and we’ll tour really hard and then go do something else.

    That’s sad news if you’ve been following the LCD Soundsystem project, but it makes sense in a way: Murphy didn’t start doing the solo stuff until he was more than a few years deep into his DFA days, and his last album was about the taxing nature of being a recording artist and growing old. Plus, if the next album is as good as the last two, Murphy will go out on top in a way few artists can. 


    The third, and now final, LCD Soundsytem album is due out on May 18. [Daily Swarm]