Jackson Browne sues John McCain

    John McCain may need to start looking for musical support from more likely sources, perhaps Ted Nugent or Toby Keith–oh, wait, Toby’s a democrat! Sorry, John. In any case, you’d think he would have known better than to accompany an Obama-bashing commercial with "Running On Empty" by noted lefty Jackson Browne, who has sung about and played benefits for more progressive sociopolitical causes than anybody this side of Springsteen (hell, why not "Born in the U.S.A.?"), and has apparently been contributing money to Obama since 2004.


    Taking extreme umbrage at his signatue song’s use in a commercial that mocks Obama’s policies on offshore drilling and lessening American oil dependency, Browne has sued McCain for $75,000.00, claiming damage to his reputation. He’s not the only one to pull the plug on McCain’s jukebox either; John Mellencamp and Abba have also asked the Presidential hopeful not to use their music. Dude, when you get on Abba‘s bad side, you need to start asking yourself some hard questions.