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Jack White Honored, Speaks at Irish University


I don’t know who books for the Universal Philosophical Society at Ireland’s Trinity College, but they’ve made some pretty interesting choices. Earlier this year, they invited noted scholar Pete Doherty, and Pitchfork reports that just last night, Jack “Of All Trades” White received an honorary patronage from the group. The story goes on to state that the topic of the night was “authenticity,” and that White waxed philosophic on how wrong our concept of realness in music might be:


“I don’t know if Bob Dylan and Tom Waits are as authentic as I think they are. Perhaps they’re not…Sometimes you start thinking that maybe Britney Spears or someone like that who’s doing exactly what they want to do in the way that they best know how, is more authentic than any of those people you could mention.”


The White Stripes/Raconteurs artist is reportedly at work on an album with latest project, Dead Weather.  [Pitchfork]