The Hairs: I’ve Been Working Out’ EP (Prefix Premiere)

    The Hairs make fuzzed-out, cassette-deck pop music of the absolute first order. We’ve got your ticket to their latest giggly dance party with the premiere of an entire three-song 7″,  “I’ve Been Working Out,” right here.

    The single (EP? maxi-single? tiny album?), out tomorrow on Britain’s WeePOP! records (also home to twee luminaries the Smittens and the Just Joans), features three tracks every bit as bounce-around-in-your-desk-chair-y as you’d expect from a band who came up in Brooklyn’s late-00s D.I.Y. pop scene alongside acts like the Beets, Vivian Girls, Woods, et al.  While some of their former contemporaries have gotten a bit sad of late (see the new Frankie Rose record for confirmation), the Hairs reliably crank out things to play in your car stereo on the way to high school (if you know what I mean). 

    You can stream “I’ve Been Working Out,” “Satan Says,” and “If I Get Back on My Horse Again” below.