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iTunes Selling White-Supremacist Music


A while back, iTunes removed songs from its online store that were deemed to be homophobic. These included “Boom Bye-Bye” by Buju Banton and “Chi-Chi Man” by T.O.K., which advocated violence against gays. You’d think that iTunes’ willingness to remove those tracks from its store signaled a lack of tolerance for hateful material, but apparently not.


An article on Alternet points out that still available from the iTunes store is music by white-power bands like Skrewdriver, Bully Boy, H8 Machine, Final War, and Stormtroop 16. Some lyrics from the latter include, “White power! Is what we yell on this long hard fight for freedom/ White unity! Is what we need to win this war/ White revenge! Is what we get with the traitors every time we see them/ White separatism! is what we want/ What all of our people have in store.”


Amazon.com is another major music distributor that sells hate music, though representatives from the online retailer told Fox News that such music was offered via Amazon by third-party sellers. That’s a pretty limp excuse, but it’s an excuse that iTunes doesn’t have — it’s offering this music from its own servers. What gives iTunes, what gives? [Via: The Daily Swarm]