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It’s The ‘Arrested Development Documentary Project’ Trailer


Few TV shows have followed paths as strange as Arrested Development. It’s probably a result of the era during which it was made — the internet was just coming into its own, and there weren’t a lot of programs like it on television. But who would have thought that a critical smash hit that barely registered with viewers would get three seasons, disappear for five years and come back on Netflix?

The series’ devoted fans, that’s who. 

If you want an inside look at how the show was made (and why it has so many die-hard fans), you’ve got to see The Arrested Development Documentary Project. It features interviews with creator Mitch Hurwitz, narrator Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer and cast members like Will Arnett and David Cross. Oh, and plenty of writers, fans and celebrity enthusiasts give their two cents about why this show ended up resonating with so many people. 

Watch the trailer below (via BuzzFeed) to get an idea of what the eventual project will be like. If you don’t, you’ll be saying to yourself later that you’ve made a huge mistake.