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Is This The Greatest J Dilla Sample Ever?


“This. This might be the one.” So says House Shoes of “Johnny Don’t Do It,” the 10cc record that J Dilla flipped into “Waves.” For those who don’t know, “Waves” is the third track on Dilla’s Donuts, the sublime collection of instrumentals that was released three days before Dilla’s untimely death. Dilla’s version of “Waves” is a track that manages to be both fluid and inscrutable in its one minute and thirty-eight seconds of music; the original “Johnny Don’t Do It,” is, as House Shoes says in the latest of Bling47‘s song origin series, “kinda corny.”

And what does House Shoes mean when he proclaims “Waves” to be “The One”? Why, the greatest chop that Dilla ever came up with. House Shoes: “How did he get that far into the song to find that little piece?…What the fuck happened after he found it?…How did that thought form in his head to do that one?” All unanswerable questions, but infinitely fun to ponder. Do you agree with House Shoes? Watch the Bling47 video below. [egotripland