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Immortal Technique sponsoring writing contest for high schoolers


Rappers can sometimes be a lot like politicians in that they make a lot of bold pronouncements about society, but somehow stop short of opening their own wallets. Immortal Technique, the executive vice-president of Viper Records, is breaking the mold, however, by putting his money behind his music and sponsoring a writing contest for high schoolers. This week he announced the “3rd World” writing contest, open to students in grades nine through twelve to “assist with the growing cost of obtaining an education.” Technique will personally choose the contest’s three winners. [Hip Hop News]


Contest Information and Requirements:


High school students are invited to write essays about their perceptions and/or experiences in regards to the United States’ relations to the third world in general, or a third world country/countries in particular. The essays must be original work and must be limited to 500-750 words. A cover letter should be included with each entry. Students may only submit one essay to the competition. First prize is $1500, second prize is $1,000 and third prize is $500.


Submissions will be accepted via e-mail (WritingContest@immortal-technique.com) or US mail: The 3rd World Writing Contest, 49 W. 83rd Street New York, NY 10024. All essays must be received by July 8.