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Idiot Glee: “Don’t Go Out Tonight” (Prefix Premiere)



Rarely does the name of a band or artist so sweetly sum up the way their songs make you feel. Idiot Glee is both the stage moniker of native Kentuckian (and practicing Mormon) James Friley and the exact phrase I would use as the caption to a candid picture of my face right now.


In the past, Friley’s arch songwriting has stood out for teetering towards the spooky side of twee, darkly doo-wop, the ghost of a 1950s homecoming queen in moldy pink taffeta (his act was allegedly born after he listened to a tape cassette of Pet Sounds 100 times). He’s always getting compared to Jens Lekman, but the echoing, retro-y wails are thoroughly Grizzly Bear.


Compared to the tracks off last March’s eponymous EP, “Don’t Go Out Tonight” feels just a few degrees warmer: viscous and golden, like honey in the sun. Set to a loping rhythm, caressed by soft “sha-sha”s and Friley’s mournfully swooping moans, it’s a lazy, tipsy tiptoe on a dewy summer lawn, humid and breezy. Idiot Glee: a dopey (false?) sense of well-being.


The track, making its world debut here, is the first single to be released off Idiot Glee’s forthcoming LP, Paddywhack, which will emerge June 7th on Moshi Moshi Records. Next week, Small Plates will put out this song as the title track of the Don’t Go Out Tonight 7″, along with a live version of “Don’t Drink The Water” that guest features WOMEN, and “That’s All For Everyone,” a Fleetwood Mac homage.


Stream all three tracks from the 7″ below, or download “Don’t Go Out Tonight” for keeps.


Idiot Glee: “Don’t Go Out Tonight” 7-Inch (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag