Ice Cube Says N.W.A. Biopic’s Script Is 75 Percent Done, Looking For Director

    Here’s your weekly N.W.A. biopic update: According to a recent interview, Ice Cube says that the script for the film is “about 75 percent done” and that he is currently interviewing directors for the project. Apparently, there was a rumor that John Singleton (he of Boyz n the Hood) would be directing, but Cube isn’t revealing if that’s true. Mostly, he says they’re still looking. 

    “We’re interviewing a lot of directors. I don’t want to say ‘yea’ or ‘nay,’ but we’re interviewing directors,” he said. “So, the movie’s in progress in this high speed, and it’s coming along. Hopefully, we get it done.”

    Same goes for the rumor that Cube’s son will be playing him in the biopic: Just a rumor, but anything is possible. 

    “That’s a dream come true, but we’re going to find the best actor to do the job,” he explained. “That’s the thing about movies: You have got to find the best people to do the role. It is going to be a role that I think is right for unknowns, people who you haven’t seen before. I think that’s the best way to pull this off.”

    See the rest of the interview over at MTV. We remain optimistic the N.W.A. biopic will be out soon.