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Ian Svenonius set to tour America


If youre a devout fan of Ian Svenonius, the nasal 30-something from D.C. who once fronted Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, and Scene Creamers, by now youve probably had a chance to read his book of essays, The Psychic Soviet.  Promoting its July 25 publication, Svenonius will be touring the US to give readings from the book, which has been published in the style of a little pink Bible.  Ranging from purely intellectual discussions (the use of eugenics in Dracula) to thats one hell of a gamble concepts (how Seinfeld all but handed New York to the bourgeoisie), Svenonius theories are worth checking out whether youre seeking a sharp viewpoint or an entertaining read.


The short, dark and mysteriously handsome Svenonius will be touring the Eastern half of the US with former K Records label mate Calvin Johnson. Check Drag City for an update on West Coast dates.


08-17 Chicago, IL Stop Smiling HQ

08-17 Chicago, IL Reversible Eye Gallery (After-party event)

08-18 Bloomington, IN Boxcar Books

08-19 Oak Park, MI Book Beat

08-20 Pittsburgh, PA Brillo Box

08-21 New York, NY Bluestockings

08-23 Philadelphia, PA Big Jar Books

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