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Hot Hot Heat Signs To Indie Label Dangerbird, New Album This Summer


The Los Angeles indie label Dangerbird Records has signed Hot Hot Heat, and will release their album Future Breeds this summer. With this partnership, the band could be abandoning their quest for mainstream acceptance.

This is Hot Hot Heat’s third label since they signed to Sub Pop in 2001. Their breakthrough debut, Make Up the Breakdown, was Sub Pop’s biggest seller since Nirvana. Hot Hot Heat left the label for Warner Brothers (which owns 49% of Sub Pop) shortly thereafter the success of their debut because, as lead singer Steve Bays explained, “We don’t want to play clubs. We love the big audiences.”

After putting out two albums with Warner Brothers, the band left the label. They sent their new LP to the indie label Dangerbird Records. “When we heard the new record, we wanted them to be part of our gang,” says Jeff Castelaz, co-founder/CEO. “When we talked to them, and heard the determination and clarity of purpose in their voices, we had to have them.”

Hot Hot Heat built their own Vancouver studio in order to record Future Breeds. That, together with the switch to a smaller label, could indicate a change in priorities for the band.


Bays at least hints at this. “Because of the kind of record we were making, we realized early on that we needed to finish the entire record before looking for a home for it, if they ‘got it,’ then we could talk.”