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Hear A Non-Album Track From Kyle Bobby Dunn & The Infinite Sadness


Montreal-based ambient electronic composer Kyle Bobby Dunn will release his latest recording, Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness, in April via Students of Decay. (Official date isn’t disclosed on their site yet.) However, last night Dunn shared a non-album track from the Infinite Sadness recordings called “Entr’acte de Time Baby Infini.”

Dunn notes that the track, which he calls “just a pretty sad number,” features “some favorite French film dialogs, scientist recordings of the sun, and the voice of love.” It’s a swirling, beautiful track full of swells and loops, a hallmark of Dunn’s recordings. 

It fits nicely into the other previewed tracks from Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness. It’s some of the most emotionally resonant music Dunn has released. His compositions are often evocative and beautiful, but have different goals, veering toward the cereberal and the drone-y rather than complex layers of samples and personality that are on display here. 

The album appears to be pretty epic. At 19 tracks, it will be spread over three LPsor two CDs. (Or one digital? It all fits on a single digital.) That’s good news for anyone who has followed Dunn’s variety of releases over the last decade-plus, as his brand of ambient minmalism is often best when enjoyed in its long-form entirety. Dunn recorded many of the loops in small towns throughout Canada before returning to Montreal to record and master the album while, he says, “reflecting heavily on the gorgeous feet of a certain French woman and binging on strong beers and cheese.”

An edition of the LP, limited to 100 with a offset printed broadside, is now available from Students of Decay

Take a listen to “Entr’acte de Time Baby Infini” and some previews from Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness below. Tracklist below as well. 


01. Ouverture de Peter Hodge Transport 

02. An Excrement Suite (For Voices Lost Again) 

03. Boring Foothills Of Foot Fetishville 

04. Variations On A Theme By St-Dipshit 

05. Rue de Guy-Mathieu 

06. Saison Triste On Lac Of Baies 

07. Mon Retard 

08. Confessions Of The Mildly Miserable 

09. La Failure et La Chance 

10. Where Circles Never Become Circles 

11. Duck Faced Fantasy 

12. Macleod (And The Victims Of Deception) 

13. Spem In Alium & Her Unable 

14. Ghostkeeping Verses I-IV 

15. Powers Of None 

16. The Same (Drunk In Quebec & In Love Club Remix) 

17. Ontop Of Timeless Hour 

18. Those Satisfactions Are Permanent 

19. And The Day Is Dunn (And I Can Only Think Of You)