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Hawnay Troof “Underneath the Ocean” (Video – Prefix Premiere)



Not only is there not a single mermaid or angler fish in this video, for "Underneath the Ocean," there’s not even a body of water. Vice Cooler, the man behind Hawnay Troof, walks around a deserted locale carrying a stuffed animal of indeterminate species. He’s occasionally harrassed by what look like orcs modeled off of Ronnie James Dio, who are looking to swipe said stuffed animal. Don’t worry — Cooler holds onto him till the end, when he sets him atop a funeral pyre. Let it never be said that Melbourne’s Moop Jaw, whose most recent video was for the Golden Filter’s "Solid Gold," makes boring clips.


"Underneath the Ocean" appears of Islands of Ayle, which is available now.


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