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Google Doodles Celebrates Hip-Hop’s 44th Anniversary

Google Doodles Celebrates Hip-Hop’s 44th Anniversary

Hip-hop gets celebrated today right in front of Google’s homepage. Today they’ll allow users to interact with their daily Google Doodles.

Over four decades ago, the pioneer of hip-hop DJ Kool Herc held a party at a high-rise apartment 1520 Sedwick Avenue in the Bronx, New York. That party would change the sound and face of music. It was at this party that the DJ developed his style of looping what he called the “break” on two turntables. He would take the percussive beats that dancers liked the most and let them effortlessly hop from one break to another.

The type of music he would create would also lead to the development of what we now know today as “break dancers.” DJ Kool Herc would call them “b-boys” or “b-girls” because they would be “breaking” to the music.

So to commemorate this emergence, today’s Google Doodle will allow users to learn how to DJ. Fab 5 Freddy will give you a short lesson on the history of hip hop. In addition he’ll help you along as he explains to you what techniques such as crossfading and scratching are.

Google Doodle DJ

You’ll get to use tracks from artists such as George Clinton, Zapp, Junie, Malick, Grandmaster Flash, Prince Paul and Ohio Players. From there it’s all up to you on how you mix the beats. And just like video games today, there are awards that unlock cards that give you even more insight into the history of hip-hop.

Hip-hop today may almost sound nothing like its predecessors over four decades ago. But knowing its origins and history would expand your appreciation for not only today’s hip-hop but music in general.

What DJ Kool Herc and his contemporaries created was more than just music blasting from speakers, they created a cultural revolution. It would expand much further than the Bronx and hit souls all around the globe.