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‘Good Ass Job’ Marks Kanye West’s Return to “Real” Hip-Hop


Kanye West is apparently tired of the whole Auto-Tune craze, which we all know he certainly took part in. Toure, a writer and BET host, tweeted to the world that he knows someone who has heard West’s upcoming Good Ass Job. The album is both “awesome” and a return to “real hip-hop,” according to Toure’s source, who also said producers Pete Rock, Q-Tip, and RZA are all involved.


We previously reported that Drake had similar great things to say about Good Ass Job. He even went so far as to call it the “best hip-hop album of the past 10 years.” Whether the album will live up to the hype, of course, remains to be seen. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing West’s return to more traditional hip-hop, though, as his first two, more boom-bap-influenced records are my personal favorites in his catalog.