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Geoff Barrow Announces Hip-Hop Project: Quakers


Geoff Barrow’s Invada Records released a label sampler two weeks back that prominently featured new material from his Beak> side-project. But on the low, he also previewed another side-project he’s got in the works called Quakers. The group is headed by Barrow (known here as Fuzzface), 7-Stu-7 (aka Portishead’s engineer), and an Australian producer by the name of Katalyst. Together, they are working with 35(!!!) other artists to create a 41-track album to be released April 9 on, fittingly, Stones Throw. The record won’t just feature beats, though, as it will include verses from the likes of Dead Prez, Phat Kat, Prince Po, and Booty Brown. Someone tell Barrow to release some of this stuff ASAP. [IHAU]