Fiona Apple, Andrew Bird & Others Guest on Margaret Cho’s Musical Comedy Album

    It’s quite possible that the sound of comedienne Margaret Cho telling graphic jokes about her own vagina is music to your ears. If not, though, she’s got a plan to win your stubborn little ears over with her upcoming release, Cho Dependent. Cho’s first foray into songwriting includes help from sophisticated indie acts like Andrew Bird, A.C. Newman, Jon Brion and Fiona Apple. Apple’s got experience working with funny people–in 2008, she guested on Zach Galifianakis‘ thoroughly vile rap track “Come On and Get It (Up In ‘dem Guts)”–and has a co-writing credit on the track “Hey Big Dog.” Cho Dependent comes out August 24 and will coincide with a comedy tour. Full tracklist below:


    01 Intervention (w/ Tegan & Sara)
    02 Calling in Stoned (w/ Ben Lee & Tommy Chong)
    03 Your Dick (w/ A.C. Newman and Ben Lee)
    04 Baby I’m With The Band (w/ Brendan Benson)
    05 Hey Big Dog (w/ Patty Griffin, Ben Lee, and Fiona Apple)
    06 I’m Sorry (w/ Andrew Bird)
    07 Lice (w/ Ben Lee)
    08 Enemies (w/ Jon Brion)
    09 Asian Adjacent (w/ Grant Lee Phillips)
    10 Gimme Your Seed (w/ Garrison Starr)
    11 Eat Shit and Die (w/ Grant Lee Phillips)
    12 Captain Cameltoe  (w/ Ani DiFranco)
    13 My Puss (w/ Diana Yanez & Kurt Hall)
    * Hidden Track: Lesbian Escalation (w/ Rachael Yamagata)