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Finland’s Delay Trees Unveil Video for “Brightest Eyes”


Being in a Finnish indie band is probably not the most rewarding enterprise: the market is small in their country and playing beyond the region is often a logistical headache. Yet the odds have not deterred Delay Trees from putting out another record. The dream pop foursome will be releasing their fourth LP, Let Go, sometime in early 2017. In the meantime, check out the first single and video, “Brightest Eyes”.

Frontman Rami Vierula, who has a solo project under the moniker 23:23, assembled the video for “Brightest Eyes” from various clips. The result is like peering into a vault of memory – snippets of moving images edited to the melancholic music could take on a terminal import – like a flash of life before the final flickr. Or from a more optimistic perespective – shedding the past to move forward. However you interpret it, Delay Trees have the gift of crafting a superb autumnal pop song.