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“Fake” Daft Punk Tron Leaks Maybe Actually From Daft Punk


In case you missed it, in the lead up to the release (or leak, if you prefer) of Daft Punk’s Tron score, there were a bunch of tracks leaked that were allegedly the score, but were later debunked. These tracks were attributed to The Third Twin instead, and it was just assumed that The Third Twin were some a-holes capitalizing on everyone wanting new Daft Punk. But it turns out that maybe The Third Twin is a hoax perpetrated by Daft Punk. Exclaim! has the details:

Daft Punk intentionally leaked these twelve tracks when these were rejected by the Disney production, which was looking for a more orchestral and symphonic soundtrack. Daft Punk disappointed by the severe restrictions of the contract could have decided to introduce their songs to their public who would appreciate this music. They used The Third Twin brand name to avoid legal troubles.

So, basically, the rumor goes that Daft Punk had their initial score turned down, and instead of just letting the music die, they leaked it as The Third Twin so that Disney wouldn’t get pissed. There’s another layer to this: It seems that The Third Twin have been booked to perform at Arenal Festival in Spain this summer, and the organizer told Exclaim! that The Third Twin is related to Daft Punk. But that’s where it ends. Let the speculation begin: Are The Third Twin Daft Punk unmasked? Or a band hell-bent on riding their coattails? You decide. [Exclaim