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Eminem’s record label kills three Be Your Own Pet tracks due to violence


If you caught an early torrent of the new Be Your Own Pet album, Get Awkward, it had 15 tracks. If you went to the record store last Tuesday, it only had 12. What gives?

Well, according to Ecstatic Peace general manager, Andrew Kesin, Universal, which distributed Get Awkward, took off three tracks (“Black Hole,” “Becky” and “Blow Yr Mind”) due to concerns over their violent lyrics.

“Blow Yr Mind” is a 45-second blast that referenced blowing you mind. “Black Hole” featured the refrain, “Let’s go kill someone,” and “Becky” fantasized about killing a girl (brutally, with a knife) who’s wronged you.

According to Kesin, the tracks were left off the album a mere four weeks before the street date, and Universal gave no reason for the removal.

If this smells of hypocrisy to you, that’s because it is. Universal is the label that releases Disney-friendly albums by Young Buck, 50 Cent, She Wants Revenge (of “I want to fucking tear you apart”-fame), Marilyn Manson and Eminem, who if you can remember six years ago, had a song fantasizing about killing his wife.

Kesin says Ecstatic Peace is in talks to put the three tracks on a single to be released by XL in the U.S., since that label released the full version of Get Awkward in Europe. 

If you want to hear two of the three tracks that Universal feels you aren’t going to be able to handle, then head over to Be Your Own Pet’s website to hear “Black Hole” and “Becky.”