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Earl Sweatshirt Returning Home To Los Angeles?


Earl Sweatshirt, aka the reason most of us found out about Odd Future, just might be heading home after his time with a youth group called Alternative Intervention Models, or AIM. At least, that’s the word according to the group’s website, which posted a lengthy message about that the uber-talented under-18 rapper today.

They said they’re proud to have been a part of his “journey of maturation, imagination, and hip-hop dreams.” And while that’s all well and good, here’s the most telling part about the post:

“Yes indeed, the allegedly lost and arguably most gifted young lyrical prodigy (known for over 10 million YouTube views before age 18), is on his way back home to Los Angeles where he will finish high school before launching the next phase of his widely anticipated rap career—under the wizened guidance of Leila Steinberg, artistic mentor who famously first guided music and screen icon, Tupac Shakur.”

If this is true, goddamn we’re excited. Could a follow-up to EARL be due out this year? We hope so. We also think it’s the perfect time to watch his breakthrough video again. [Complex]

UPDATEEarl Sweatshirt Is Back Or Odd Future Is Trolling Us Again (Video)

UPDATE #2: Looks like Earl is back. 50,000 Twitter followers reached and the song’s released. Earl Sweatshirt Is Back. Listen: “Home” (Full Version)