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Drugs, alcohol mentioned in rap lyrics, experts say


There’s a lotta dope and booze references in today’s music, experts say. Medical researchers have released a study of the 279 top songs of 2005 — based on Billboard charts — finding that a third of them had explicit references to substance abuse and two-thirds of these references put drugs, alcohol and tobacco in a positive light by associating them with sex, partying, and humor.


The biggest offenders? Hip hop and then country.  About 77 percent of the rap songs made references to drugs or alcohol. The study in the "Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine"  calculated that teens aged 15 to 18 who listen to 2.4 hours of music a day hear 84 references to substance use and more than 30,000 a year.  Researchers said exposure can increase substance use among adolescents.


But the RIAA, is a bit skittish about coming to any conclusions on the study and put the emphasis on the big, bad world we live in. "While we have not had the opportunity to thoroughly assess the study, it’s important to note that music is generally a reflection of society," said an RIAA spokesman. [Reuters]