Download: James Blake Live Album

    A live album from British wunderkind James Blake has appeared online. Originally thought to be an official release, it turns out that it’s a fan-compiled release through a Tumblr called The Wilhelm Scream. That doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, though, especially because it features tracks from throughout Blake’s discography. Sure, it’s heavy on James Blake material, but there’s also tunes like “CMYK” and “Enough Thunder” along with his “A Case of You” cover. You can download the live album here and view the track listing below. [BPM]

    1. Unluck (Live) 
    2. The Wilhelm Scream (Live) 
    3. I Never Learnt To Share (Live) 
    4. Lindisfarne (Live) 
    5. Limit To Your Love (Live) 
    6. Give Me My Month (Live) 
    7. To Care (Like You) (Live) 
    8. Anti-War Dub (Live) 
    9. Klavierwerke (Live) 
    10. CMYK (Live) 
    11. Once We All Agree (Live) 
    12. A Case Of You (Live) 
    13. Enough Thunder (Live) 
    14. Love What Happened Here (Live) 
    15. Tep And The Logic (Live)