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‘DOOMposter’ Possibly Strikes Again In Chicago


This whole “DOOMposter” nonsense has been going on for the past few years. Fans pay to see a DOOM, formerly MF DOOM, show and instead they watch a chubby guy wearing a mask and huge coat lip sync for about 20 minutes while his DJ stares blankly at a laptop. And, over the weekend in Chicago, it seems that the DOOMposter has struck again. Fans apparently became pissed as it got closer to midnight and only a series of openers had performed.


Plenty of booing and trash-throwing took place until Mos Def, who was slated as DOOM’s opener, eventually hit the stage to tackle some DOOM tracks as well as cuts from The Ecstatic. When he left the stage, the man in the mask, his hypeman, and his DJ started things up. But members of the audience are claiming the MC on the stage was lip syncing. And, from what I have read, they booed the masked villain and littered the stage with even more bottles and cans.


You can check pictures out from the night at Time Out Chicago.