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‘DJ Hero 2’ Might Be Sort Of Like Actually Spinning Records


One of the dudes over at Kotaku was able to give DJ Hero 2 a spin this past weekend, and basically he says that the game might be sort of like actually spinning records (as opposed to just pushing buttons), as new features on the game include freestyle scratching, freestyle crossfading and freestyle sample dropping.

The first big difference I noticed was freestyle scratching. Instead of directional arrows telling you how exactly to scratch the turntable, some scratch indicators are blank, letting you cut loose with your own patterns. McShane said this was to give players a feel for what it’s really like touching your fingers to the vinyl. It’s a nice effect.


Another example is the freestyle crossfade. At certain points in each song, the left-right fader switch comes into play, allowing on player to remix the track on the fly. The other player can’t do anything for these few seconds, except fumble with the slider and wonder what went wrong.

So maybe, just maybe, DJ Hero 2 will be a rare Activision music game that actually improves itself for the second go-round. To read more about it, go to Kotaku. The game is due out later this fall.