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Dischord will reissue its catalog on vinyl


Yes, you read that right. Washington, D.C.’s groundbreaking indie label Dischord Records is putting out its back catalog, but on vinyl. The first releases will be by Minor Threat and the split Void/Faith album.


Why vinyl? We went to Discord promo guy Alec Bourgeois for an answer and he wrote us back the following:


"Due to the renewed interest in vinyl LPs, especially for our more historic titles, Dischord Records is remastering and recutting much of our vinyl catalog here in the United States. We will begin by re-pressing current titles, and later re-issuing others, all re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service and featuring complimentary MP3 album downloads. Dischord has always enjoyed very high quality vinyl mastering. For many years much of our vinyl was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London by our friend and partner John Loder, who passed away in 2005. But the metal-work that is used to press vinyl LPs wears with time and we decided with John’s passing it was time to bring these projects back home and pass the torch to Bob Weston and Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service. "