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Dinosaur Jr. Reveal Details About New Album Farm


After Spin passed off another bout of Lou Barlow’s brooding as Dinosaur Jr. news, it is nice to actually have some solid details on the band’s new disc. The album will be called Farm ; it features 12 tracks, and is due out June 23 via Jagjaguwar . Produced by front man J Mascis and recorded in his Bisquiteen studio in Western Massachusetts, the disc will have it share of longer guitar jams (no surprise there) and a few quieter moments. It will be interesting to see if Barlow’s claims that this album is better than their last record are well-founded. But with Mascis’ licks and the on-fire indie label Jagjaguwar putting the album out, it basically has to be brilliant, doesn’t it?


Track list:

01 Pieces

02 I Want You To Know

03 Ocean In The Way

04 Plans

05 Your Weather

06 Over It

07 Friends

08 Said the People

09 There’ s No Here

10 See You

11 I Don’t Wanna Go There

12 Imagination Blind