Diddy: “John McCain scares me more than Sarah Palin” (Video)


    Against my better judgment, I watched the presidential debates last night. It was more of the same posturing (McCain is a slimeball! Obama’s a terrorist!) that has been going on for the better part of the last three months. But quite shockingly, both come down firmly in the anti-holocaust camp. Honestly, I wish I had work in a coalmine to do instead.


    At any rate, while watching the debate, I could have sworn that McCain said “that one” in reference to Obama, but I couldn’t verify it since I can’t afford DVR. Apparently Diddy was watching too, and he caught McCain’s quip via DVR and was uber-pissed. (He probably should be, but there is the possibility McCain misspoke. But given the fact that most of McCain’s material was pre-written sound bites he has programmed into his Commodore 64 brain, it seems likely it was on purpose.)


    Diddy calls out McCain for not respecting Obama, and urges us to vote for “that one” on November 4. It’s not as funny as his Palin clip (probably because Palin is more frightening), but it is more indignant. [via Nahright]