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Destroyer Announces New EP


Fans of the verbose ramblings of Dan Bejar have reason to be excited today, as Merge Records has announced a new EP from Bejar’s long-running Destroyer project. The Archers On The Beach EP is due out on Nov. 2 in a limited run of 1000 12-inch records. That’s the album artwork pictured to the left.


The EP contains two collaborative tracks–“Archers On The Beach” pairs Bejar with ambient artist Tim Hecker, while B-side “Grief Point” finds him working with Loscil, which just so happens to be the artist name of Destroyer drummer Scott Morgan. According to Bejar himself, he is not responsible for any of the music on the two songs, but contributed vocals, “Archers On The Beach”‘s chord progression, and “a couple of the sound effects.”


Archers On The Beach is Destroyer’s first output since 2009’s Bay Of Pigs EP. Their most recent full-length was 2008’s Trouble In Dreams.