Deerhoof Set To Stream New Album One Track At A Time

    There’s a new Deerhoof album titled Deerhoof vs. Evil due out on Polyvinyl at the end of January, and the band has come up with a unique way for fans to hear the record ahead if its release. Head over to this website for the record, which features a map that will tell you which publications in certain parts of the world are going to share tracks from the album.


    Ultimately the entire record will be available ahead of its official release date, and the Guardian is ahead of the pack by having the first track already online—so head over here to listen to “Super Duper Rescue Heads” on their website. The band is also heading out on a lengthy North American tour to promote the album, details of that here.

    The track listing for Deerhoof vs. Evil will look like this:


    01. Qui Dorm, Només Somia

    02. Behold a Marvel in the Darkness

    03. The Merry Barracks

    04. No One Asked to Dance

    05. Let’s Dance the Jet

    06. Super Duper Rescue Heads !

    07. Must Fight Current

    08. Secret Mobilization

    09. Hey I Can

    10. C’Moon

    11. I Did Crimes for You

    12. Almost Everyone, Almost Always