David Bowie (supposedly) tweets that he’s working on new material

    How did people find out about bands working on new albums before Twitter? First Sonic Youth starts leaking the tracklist for their new album, The Eternal, on Twitter, and now David Bowie tweets about how he’s in Berlin working on new material.

    "Cheers from a snowy Berlin! Working on some new material!," Bowie wrote on his (alleged) Twitter page.

    This of course could be a hoax (since Twitter doesn’t exactly verify people’s identities), but Bowie fans know to expect great things if Bowie is in Berlin recording new material, since his three best albums, Low, "Heroes," and Lodger were recorded there. If Bowie is indeed working on new material, it will be his first album since 2003’s Reality, and his first appearance on wax (I think, but could be wrong) since apearing low in the mix on TV on the Radio’s "Province." [Angry Ape