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Dan Deacon Set To Score Next Coppola Film


Francis Ford Coppola has selected indie-electro noisemaker Dan Deacon to score Twixt Now and Sunrise, Coppola’s followup to 2009’s overlooked family drama Tetro. According to the press release that accompanied this announcement, Deacon is also working on a “larger level” collaboration with the filmmaker, though details are yet to surface.


To those that only know the director from The Godfather trilogy or Apocalypse Now, Deacon may seem like a pretty shocking choice for a Coppola movie; this isn’t the first time the auteur has went the experimental route with a film soundtrack, though. My person favorite Coppola flick, the often ridiculous Rumble Fish, features a wildly rhythmic, found-sound score by Police drummer Stewart Copeland. Still, it’s strange to imagine how Deacon’s beat-driven insanity will be married to a film supposedly inspired by “the imagery of Hawthorne or Poe,” and just what he and Coppola apparently bonded so strongly over (beards?).


Twixt Now and Sunrise is set for release in 2011 and stars Val Kilmer and Elle Fanning (of Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere).