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Courtney Love Is Being Sued Again, This Time Over Missing Jewelry


In perhaps the least suprising news of the last twenty years, Courtney Love is being sued for not returning more than $100,000 in borrowed jewelry. You might wonder who, at this point, would allow Courtney Love to borrow so many precious jewels and what sort of Lionel Hutz-drafted business model would allow for such an egregious error in lending, and the answer would be Jacob & Co. — a company made famous by founder “Jacob the Jeweler” Arabov, aka Jeweler to the Hip-Hop Stars. At any rate, the company contends that Love borrowed “two white gold and diamond chains, a white gold, floral-design mesh bracelet and a pair of white gold and diamond pave hoop earrings” — because what is Courtney Love if not someone who should be trusted with irreplaceable, pricey items of every sort? Except in this exceptional case: Love apparently says the missing pieces were lost. But Jacob & Co.’s lawyer, Jeffrey Klarsfeld, says Love agreed to be responsible for the items “regardless of loss or damage.”


A list of high-profile incidents involving Love (and highlighting why this seems like stunningly poor judgment on the part of Jacob & Co.) can easily be found with a Google search. A pic of Love in the missing jewels, by the way, appears at left.